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Face Masks: Is it worth the purchase?

Face mask: 

Skin hydration and restoring the protective skin barrier are best achieved with ingredients such as Vitamin E,  oils, and glycolic acid. My top recommendation is a face mask infused with hyaluronic acid—boosts skin hydration , improving the elasticity and cohesion of the skin barrier while not leaving behind an unwanted greasy or oily residue. Hydrating face masks provide a cooling sensation in addition to the added benefit of a rich moisturizer—quintessential for a morning or nighttime face mask. 

Exfoliating your skin can be tricky and controversial —over exfoliating may be drying and irritating to the face. There is a frictional component of acne and over exfoliating may trigger acne breakouts.

At-home exfoliant masks include physical masks (clay) and chemical ingredients (peels) that gently remove dead skin off the top layer of the epidermis and promote cell turnover. Limited contact with exfoliating masks is key as they may be dry and irritating. Following an exfoliating mask, apply a thin layer of either a daytime or nighttime noncomedogenic facial moisturizer to maintain skin hydration.

The step to not miss is the first step—washing your face! I find that most of my patients are over-concerned with use of prescription and/or over-the-counter topical medications for acne or anti-aging; however, they often admit to forgetting to use a cleanser either in the morning or in the evening. Using a gentle cleanser is essential to maintain a healthy glow devoid of excess greasy residue.

Our face is in contact with various “contaminants” throughout the day —including our mobile devices, head scarves, pillow cases, etc. It is important to get in the habit of using a gentle cleanser to wipe away any excess grease or debris from the skin to help prevent any unwanted facial breakouts. Acne prevention is just as important as treatment—take an active role in maintaining healthy, acne-free skin by using a gentle facial cleanser. 

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