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Melanoma Awareness: Leah's Melanoma Story

Melanoma is one of the most deadliest types of cancer. According the Skin Cancer Foundation, an estimated 186,680 cases of melanoma will be diagnosed in the US in 2023.

✨Dr Rina @drrinaderm is joined by championed melanoma advocate Leah Adams. Battling melanoma herself she continues to empower others to take a proactive role in their skin health. Listen to Leah’s story on @spotify @applepodcasts

What should YOU know about melanoma:

🧴Melanoma may not be limited to the skin. Melanoma may develop on the scalp, nails, eyes, mouth and even on the bottom of your soles and on your palms.

🧴Melanoma may be found in ALL skin types.

🧴Melanoma may not always be found in sun exposed areas, such as the nails and soles of the feet.

🧴Melanoma in skin of color may be found in more advanced or later stages and in areas not exposed to the sun.

🧴Melanoma may not always present as a raised growth. Melanomas may be flat and sometimes may even mimic a sunspot.

🧴There are different types of melanoma and the depth of the melanoma is an important factor when it comes to staging the melanoma.


🧴Avoid tanning bed use

🧴Wear sunscreen DAILY (even on cloudy or overcast days)

🧴Look for a SPF of at least 30 and re-apply

🧴Wear sun protective clothing including a hat! Check out @ambernoonstyle for UPF clothing for all occasions

🧴Annual skin cancer screenings are ESSENTIAL and life-saving.

Invest in your skin health. Be proactive about your skincare. Remember— Healthy Skin is Always In ❤️😊

To learn more check out the AMAZING resources:

@skincancerorg @melanoma @melanomaaction @melanomasociety @aadskin1

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