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Don't sweat a sweaty scalp!

Sweat is a normal body function that enables our body to lower its temperature (i.e. thermal regulation). Sweat is usually composed of not only water, but also salt and ammonia.

Sweat can cause our hair to be greasy and may make fine, loose hair lose more volume. Sweat on the scalp may also block pores (i.e. openings of hair follicles) and cause accumulation of debris, scale and bacteria on the scalp.

Post work-out:

The more we sweat; however, we want to wash our hair more and over washing our hair can cause dry, brittle hair.

Tips & Tricks:

Using dry shampoo or baby powder to help soak up sweat and oil may prevent over washing, while soaking up the oil and excess grease in the hair. Baby powder containing an ingredient called talcum can effectively absorb and closely adhere to the grease while preserving the integrity and strength of the hair itself. After rubbing baby powder in the roots of the hair, blowdrying the hair on a low heat setting will aid in removing away the excess white powder.

Using an apple cider vinegar shampoo after work-outs is helpful to soak up oil and grease in the scalp as it balances the pH level of the skin on the scalp and it has anti-bacterial and ant-fungal benefits.

Pre-workout: Use an anti-perspirant to reduce sweat and oil—these contain aluminum chloride. I often recommend applying a small amount of the solution to the hairline to prevent the sweat dripping on the forehead to prevent acne breakouts.

If topical anti-perspirants are not effective and/or irritating, I recommend Botox injections to the scalp. Botox injections is performed by a skilled provider as if not performed correctly, especially near the face and/or on the face may result in facial asymmetry.

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