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Skin of Color 1: Discussions with Dr. Dianne Davis

Dermatologists have the privilege to treat individuals from all backgrounds and all different skin types.

Dr. Mary and Dr. Rina are joined by Dr. Dianne Davis to discuss skin conditions in skin of color patients and diversity in the field of dermatology.

What causes skin hyperpigmentation and what are effective and safe treatments?

What are the types of hair loss that are common and/or unique to skin of color patients?

What are helpful haircare tips and tricks to prevent hair loss?

What types of skin cancers can skin of color patients be at risk for and how can we protect our skin?

What are safe cosmetic treatments including laser hair removal and treatment for hyperpigmentation?

With growing criticism for lack of diversity in medicine, specifically in the field of dermatology, what are some ways in which we can increase and promote diversity as individuals and as a community?

Tune into this brand new episode to learn more!

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